Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby Scarlett- An Update

Scarlett Mabb is doing very well and is turning into quite the little lady. She attended her first official function in the Little Shelford area on Saturday evening at a joint birthday barbeque for our dear friend Loretta and her Aunty Becky. Here she is above with Daddy Mabb and Uncle Giles.
And above with her Aunty Becky.
A true little princess!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Thanks Jo!!

We just would like to say a big thank you to Jo, who took care of The Vintage Fabric Market while we were on holiday. She has kept everything in order and continues to be a great asset to the team! THANK YOU JO!!

The Holiday Album

Our heartfelt apologies for being away for so long! We have been on holiday to Newquay, in beautiful Cornwall. Hazel, Ashley, Anne, Colin and The Little Emperor have had a wonderful rest. We stayed in a caravan park called Summer Lodge. Cornwall is a delightful little corner of England with gorgeous beaches, good surf and friendly people. We visited many great attractions during our stay. Including Boscastle, of which it's harbour can be seen below. Much of it was destroyed during a flash flood in 2004 but has now been rebuilt thanks to the hard work of the villagers and many volunteers.

We also visited Bodmin General Station, which boasts a full size working steam train. Of course in true Vintage Fabric Market style we were too fashionably late, and missed it.

We also visited Charlestown Shipwreck and Heritage Centre. A very interesting museum of all kinds of nautical and maritime history and artefacts. It is built on the docks where China Clay was imported and exported below the museum. There are still the original tunnels you can go down to see where the workers used to push the carts through which The Little Emperor refused to go in and threw an impromptu hissy fit. He was eventually lured in with hands over his eyes with the promise of cornish Clotted Cream Fudge at the other end!

This beach below is Watergate Bay which is absolutely stunning! There is a small stream on one side which runs from the top of the beach to the sea. Many, many kids have dammed it up over the warmer months to make a constantly filling pool for them to splash in without having to even enter the sea. Perfect for parents who don't want the worry of jellyfish, crabs, currents, rip tides etc!

This is the view from Fistral Beach which is situated on the centre of Newquay itself.
We shall certainly be returning to Cornwall again next year, it's so beautiful! Hopefully in our new project, The homemade Vintage Fabric Market Camper Van!!!