Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cambridge Cancer Help Centre - The David Rayner Building

Hazel was lucky enough to spend an afternoon yesterday, helping out at a bit of a do, for the Cambridge Cancer help Centre. She was invited to help dispense drinks from the bar for the opening of the David Rayner Building which has been 18 months in the making. It was officially opened by none other than the Duchess of Gloucester.

Everyone who helped to make the project a success, whether donating time, money or materials attended and even those who attend the centre currently. Everyone was so proud of what has been achieved in such a short space of time and incredibly awed by the work of the centre itself, which continues to provide support for those suffering from cancer and other terminal illnesses.

Anyone who has suffered through such a terrible illness as cancer, or their families and loved ones, can appreciate what a great need there is for centres such as this. If only more people could have the vision and courage to go ahead with these kinds of projects. Those which bring together the whole community, as is the case here, then perhaps we would not be without hope in the face of such struggles.


Raggy said...

Well done for helping out and what a brilliant idea this centre is. Mum and I would have loved to have somewhere like this to discuss my father and his cancer which eventually killed him. Later when mum got ovarian cancer I too needed someone with experience to talk to but there was no-one. Fortunately mum beat the cancer even though she was 79 at the time, but the worries of it returning are always on our minds.
Well done everyone.

The Vintage Fabric Market said...

Thank you Raggy! We've had several members of the family also suffer from cancer and a centre like this one would have been a great comfort during those times.