Monday, February 15, 2010

The Sponsored Walk

Hazel, Ash and the Little Emperor recently took part in a charity walk to raise funds for the local school PFTA. In short it was freezing, windy, muddy and The Little Emperor had to be carried for most of the 3 mile(which felt like 10!) trek around the village farm fields of Harston, South Cambridgeshire.
Rain that fell that week and logged on the field froze so hard you could have skated on it!

The sun did come out to play but we didn't feel any of the rays because of the icy breeze coming from Norway.
After the walk back at school HQ, we supped hot chocolate and feasted on scalding soup and delicious jacket potatoes, cakes and treats. Yummy! Hopefully lots of money will be collected by the walkers to be used for funding for the school.