Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Positive Feedback

We have had some lovely feedback from customers recently.
Here are just a few of their kind thoughts.

"Just to say thank you for the gorgeous fabric - it worked wonderfully on the lid of a sewing basket I was restoring for a customer. The patchwork pieces were to be an alternative solution, but not needed in the end.
One thing - I ordered only one piece but there were two in the package. If this was an 'extra' then thank you so much.
If it was by mistake then please just let me know.
Will be using the site many times in the future!
Take care,"

"I don't know if you are interested in feedback from your customers, but here goes!
I am always a little anxious when I purchase from a website for the first time because you never know ...?
Anyway, I was delighted with my purchases which arrived today. I appreciate the prompt delivery AND the lack of a postage charge which I find most refreshing. The fabric was lovely - I was glad you sent two large pieces of the "Opio" instead of four smaller pieces. I loved the lace oddments (I'm a bit of a lace fanatic!) they were gorgeous and the icing on the whole package. Thanks very much and I shall probably be back for more!